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Kinky Mistresses
Kinky Mistresses
When you're REALLY serious about PAIN and Extreme Domination!!

FEMDOM - LIVE Latex Domination

Fetish Mistress Phone Sex.

You know what you kinky subs need!

Call Mistress on 0909 860 1553
Calls cost 36p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge
Latex and Fetish Domination Chat

LIVE Latex Domination Chat

It's not just subs that get any pleasure - Kinky Mistresses love laying it on thick and by that we're talking about heavy into the Latex and maybe PVC fetish as well.

It's good to see, nicer if you're allowed to touch - bliss if you can lick.. but whilst some say that every sub has his day, we think Mistress wears this just to tease the crap out of you punks.

Where Skin2Skin fetish is concerned you'll be left struggling.
There's no chance of trying to upstage a Fetish Mistress so we'd recommend that you slip tight into worship-mode.

Mistress loves to be told how good She looks, how unworthy you are even to be in the same galaxy as Her -heap on the praise and adoration but don't be too treacly.

Subs may if their homage seems adequate be given rewards. What your Mistress decides is suitable for you is up to Her.

One thing is certain it's highly unlikely you'll have earned it.

Kinky SMS Domination Sex Chat
Haughty Skin2Skin Fetish Mistress -
will She let you touch?!

Text LATEX to 69779

You must be the billpayer and over 18 to use this adult service. All received texts and all photos cost £1.50 each, maximum 2 rec'd texts per sent message. (2x£1.50 =£3.00) Texts answered by intermediaries over the age of 18, service is for entertainment purposes only. To quit service send 'STOP' to 69779. To opt out of marketing send 'STOPALL' to 69779. HelpDesk: 02031891882

Spoiled for choice sub!

Beautiful phone sex Mistress to dominate and torment you!
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Mistress will Whip Slaves Crawl for Forgiveness from Mistress Slave to a passionate Domme

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To provide a comprehensive Domination and Fetish service for British submissives and fetish lovers where specialised live and recorded phone services can be accessed from one portal. Premium quality Dominatrix lines, Fetish Queens and Sadistic Mistresses all waiting to control pathetic submissives in explicit LIVE role play. LIVE domination scenarios and scene- latex and pvc fixations dealt with and pain junkies are taken to virtual dungeons! Training of would be slaves and submissives by sms text as well as by live sex chat is comprehensive and also surprisingly cheap! Subs are taken into the harshest forms of sexual slavery and degradation and humiliation is handed out by heartless ice cold bitches!

Sissification and enforced feminisation are catered for by Mistresses who adore humiliating trannies, sissies and sissy sluts! Pain, extreme bondage and BDSM are handled by Mistress's who have dungeons dedicated to the most fearsome torture - CBT and whipping and beatings are par for the course - more extreme forms of torture by arrangement -if you dare!
Latex and PVC and of course Leather fetish lovers have their own specialist Mistresses! 121 Live chat with expert Dommes will push your fetish envelope and you'll have more satisfaction for even less cost with lines from 36p a minute plus your phone company's access charge! Fetish and Domme text sex with particular emphasis on quality, erotic and upscale scenarios and sceneing

Submissive females are also available to satisfy the Dom and Master role-playing requirements of some of you - again by voice and also by text chat! All level of fantasy integration are possible, subject only to your fantasy partner's limits.

Terms and Conditions
All premium services promoted on this web site are provided for adult entertainment purposes -no meetings or interaction outside the services are suggested, implied and services are for role play fantasy scenario only. Calls and messages are answered by operatives over the age of 18, all photographs and videos are of adult models 18+ and not intended to depict real life scenarios.

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All sms services promoted are for virtual text chat services. Services operating on short code 69779 provided by PremTel Net, BM Premtel Net, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline 02031891882. Texts are answered by intermediaries 07.00 - 00.00 hrs. You must be over 18 and have the billpayer's permission. All received texts, sent and received photos cost £ 1.50 each inc VAT @ 20% plus your standard network charges.You may receive a maximum of two texts per sent message @£1.50 = 2 x £1.50 = £3.00 To quit the service send 'STOP' to 69779. To opt out of marketing send 'STOPALL' to 69779.

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