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Love Uniforms?
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You need control, previously Mistresses have wasted their time on you sub. You've a streak of arrogance running through you - you mistakenly harbor delusions of grandeur - and need a really STERN Mistress

Call Mistress on 0909 854 2184
Calls cost £ 1.10p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge.
Strict Mistress Stern


In YOUR case more urgently than some subs.

Mistress knows only too well how spineless jellyfish like you are- unable to self discipline and generally unreliable little turds.

Which is of course the very reason that the only form of Domination that works with the likes of you is the most sternly applied.

Simply put this means that you don't get even a second to think of a way out, some pathetic bluster or to invent some trivial ( and useless) excuse for your failings sub.

Stern means total control, unyielding and no 'wiggle- room' for the slimiest of you who think they want the rewards of being attended to by a superior Mistress, but mistakenly think that life is just one long free lunch.

Your wake up call is pending. Stern Domination is possibly the only thing that MIGHT have some effect on you. Do you have the balls to try? .

Adult Domination Text Sex
Want to see if you pass muster -
chances are that you don't.....

Text STERN to 69779

You must be the billpayer and over 18 to use this adult service. All received texts and all photos cost £1.50 each,plus your normal network charges. You may receive a maximum of 3 texts per sent message @£1.50. Texts answered by intermediaries over the age of 18, service is for entertainment purposes only. To quit service send 'STOP' to 69779. To opt out of marketing send 'STOPALL' to 69779. HelpDesk: 02031891882

Domination for softies??

Dream on - all Mistresses have an agenda of STRICT Domination.
Click on any thumbnail - even though you are NOT worthy!

Bitch of a Mistress
Meet your match with Miss On your knees, sub
Serve Be dominated by a stern Mistress

Lady Sonia Dominatrix

Looking for a Domination service where you can tailor your submissive desires to EXACTLY the right sort of cruel Mistress? Phone Domme has the widest range of Dommes where female supremacy is not questioned - not if a sub has any sense.

As submissives in general are total failures, British Mistresses are well used to hearing their pathetic confessions, used to having subs KNEEL before them pleading - begging forgiveness. It's not a church forgiveness just isn't a commodity that Mistress dispenses - subs can expect to be heard but then severely PUNISHED - spare the WHIP and spoil the sub is a Mistress maxim often heard.

Torture, humiliation -suffering and subjugation - the lot of a submissive isn't exactly a stairway to heaven - but mere leaky-tooled subs have only themselves to blame. Obsessing and fixating on fetishes such as RUBBER and High Heels - or affording themselves the luxuries of lifestyles of cross dressing and gender switching - brings payback time with a savage vengeance. Cynical bitches will delight in stripping males down to the last vestige of humanity. That is the definition of EXTREME domination. And it's LIVE, 24/7 and available on your land line or mobile phone now.

Terms and Conditions
All premium services promoted on this web site are provided for adult entertainment purposes -no meetings or interaction outside the services are suggested, implied and services are for role play fantasy scenario only. Calls and messages are answered by operatives over the age of 18, all photographs and videos are of adult models 18+ and not intended to depict real life scenarios.

Voice services:
Lines provided by Datapro Services Ltd, BM Box 8027, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline: 02034552145. Calls to 0909 854 2184 cost £1.10p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge. Live calls recorded to comply with PhonePayPlus regulations. You must be 18+ & have the billpayer's permission. We may send FREE promo SMS. Send 'STOPALL' to 89077 opt out of marketing.

Adult text services:
All sms services promoted are for virtual text chat services. Services operating on short code 69779 provided by PremTel Net, BM Premtel Net, London, WC1N 3XX. Customer Careline 02031891882. Texts are answered by intermediaries 07.00 - 00.00 hrs. You must be over 18 and have the billpayer's permission. All received texts, sent and received photos cost £ 1.50 each inc VAT @ 20% plus your standard network charges.You may receive a maximum of 3 texts per sent message @£1.50. To quit the service send 'STOP' to 69779. To opt out of marketing send 'STOPALL' to 69779.

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